July 5, 2011


huh...this will be a short one....!

why you always drive me crazy ha? haiz..... I'm sicking tired of this matter lah!
can you just make it up to me faster...I just couldn't take it anymore!
I think you just don't realize it don't you?? that's why you act like you don't care!!
why it is always me who suffers from this?? do you know why I feel like this???
hahah!  again,..you just don't know! I'm sick!!! sicking tired waiting for your words!!!!
but why???? why I'm the one can see all this? why not you?
can we just be like we used to be???
ok! whatever it is, I'm still hurt with you!! HURT!!
you know what?? you just don't care!!! 

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