July 6, 2011

Teacher and students

while I was scanning through my files, I found this article and it is kinda interesting.
I've taken it from somewhere in the internet long time ago..haha....
so I made my conclusion to post it here. 

A good relationship between students and teachers makes the classroom a more inviting place.
Both teachers and students can build a friendly environment in class thus making communication in class is more meaningful.
Some are strict, some are lenient, some are funny, and some don't hang around long enough to develop a style at all. 

Here are some tips for both teachers and students to get along well between each other.

As for students, we all have our favourite teachers — those who seem truly interested and treat us as intelligent beings. But what about teachers we don't know as well (or even don't like much)? Well, you can work on something to get a good connection with your teachers. You should  Show an interest in the subject. Showing the teacher that you care — even if you're not a math whiz or fluent in French — sends the message that you are a dedicated student. This will make them notice you. Never come late to class and try to finish all the homework.

Teachers must be creative inorder to make her lesson interesting and enjoyable. There is not, nor should there be, a “cookie cutter mold” for effective educators. Students benefit greatly from experiencing a variety of teaching styles. Teacher must act as a motivator for her students. Good teachers have numerous motivational strategies in their “bag of tricks.”

Apart from above,  good teachers display genuine concern for their students. Kids are smart, and they’re usually pretty hard to fool. They know which educators really care about them and which are just to collect a pay check and be off on major holidays. Let your students know that you care about them as individuals and not as just another name or number on your rosters. 

“The important thing is not so much
that every child should be taught,
as that every child should be given the wish to learn”
John Lubbock

A teacher takes a hand,
Opens a mind,
Touches a heart.....^^

thanks for viewing....
have a good day!!

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