July 11, 2011

oh yeah...^_- a day with friends again...

Hye y'all...

Before I fully forgot about it, let me briefly describe what happened on previous Friday.

As usual, JJ would be the place for us hanging out all the time.
but this isn't usual as always, coz I went there with motorbike..huhu
Dee was kind enough to "angkut" me with his lovely motorbike to JJ.

As we stepped in, we went to the top floor to join the others karaoke-ing. Though, I like to listen to music all the time, singing is not part of me...hehe..
So, I just sat there and watched my friends sing their lungs out.. !
haha...to be honest I did sang few songs, but it doesn't worth at all, me myself can't hear my own voice..hahaha...duuhhhh..

I enjoyed listening to Zatty and Dann duet singing the "Dua hati menjadi satu".  so sweet....^^

Of tired waiting for them to finish their songs, I went to the MPH and bought a novel that the writer I love the most "Cathy Glass". 
The title is "I Miss Mummy".  
This novel is based on the true story of a frightened young girl who is desperate to go home. 
I just can't wait to read it.
 I'll try my best to find some times to read it as for now I need to focus on TKAM.

Then later we all moved on to watch movie. At first they said they wanted to watch Transformers, but the tickets were all sold out. So it wasn't a good day for us. 

For not letting ourselves being stuck in boredom, me, Eve and Zatty decided to go for a game. I had a car racing with Eve and played some kind of stupid games there. haha...I enjoyed it so much. 
(actually I wasn't that happy on that day, I just don't know why...maybe I was still thinking of my unsettled problems).

                                           sort of mengira the remaining money..uhuhu T,T

Later, we all decided to watch a movie "Tolong! Awek aku Pontianak".
At first I thought it would be nonsense-kinda-movie, but I found it is funny! Me and Marry sort of laugh our livers out watching it. Somehow we compared one of our ipg's guy with the character in the movie. wakaka...they just look alike...haha....
And the "hantu" kind of stuck with plenty of cheesy wedges inside her mouth...the teeth are really nasty! haha....

shortly after the movie, I went to perform my solat and we all then went to kfc and had our dinner there...^^

After we done with all the chit-chatting and nonsense talk, we went to buy our things.
I bought a T-shirt and a long sleeved shirt. My friends also bought something for themselves. 

The best part of it, Dann was asking me to guide him which and what kind of shirt that he would buy. And of course as talkative so-called-sales-guy like me always giving a full advice to my customer. Though he wasn't my customer, I did my best in persuading him on what to buy. hehe... 

As for me, always go for affordable price and the quality. It doesn't matter if you spend some money for your own needs as it will makes you satisfied. Don't you think so?^^

Before long, we all went home. "merempit" ^^ 

yeah! this one!

                                    Marryta menahan malunye disitu...hoho^^


That's about all.
thanks for viewing..

"Bonne journée"


Lala Koh said...

Cathy Glass is one of my favorite too. :)
You should read books by Nicholas Sparks as well. U might fall in love with him like I did. Ehehe

Jabar Ainal ^^ said...

oh my god...really?? u too? hehe...
my gang! hehe...alas...
ouh later i search for his books...^^

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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