July 16, 2011


I don't really like to hear or read people's love story!
kinda burden my mind!
maybe it's sound like I'm jealous, but actually I'm not...really..
just annoyed...!
Instead of listening to people's love story, I rather focus on my life.
But, LOVE is nice sometimes, and can be very much Venomous to me.
"ppsssszzzhhhhhhh......" so irritating!
Oh shit! my heart is burning!
My ears said they can't resist the words that come into them!!
it's like bombs!! its bleeding inside......><!

And a big CORRECTION to those always misspelled my name!!
my name is JabaR (it is R) not JabaL (not L) ...
you such an idiotic person! How come you cannot spell it right??
buta ka?? haiz...
why? your mom didn't teach you, to look at the letters one by one ka??

I don't like smokers!!!
Please stay away from me!!
maybe you don't have any idea I'm having some kind of problems called "Migraine"...
and sorry to say, my roommate is a smoker too...
sometimes he smoked in the room and I can't even stand out of it....><
He understands me sometimes, and he would go outside to smoke...
and once he asked for a permission to smoke inside the room...
then I just let him be...though later i'll suffer..
I realize that, sometimes we cannot control people's action...
so, we have to back off if he or she resist in doing so...

People usually said, "oh its not a big deal...." or "its okay..." or "ohh...never mind...."
and even "don't mentioned it..."
we used to hear these when we thank someone of what they did to us.
But, the moment I hear people say those kind of sentences, straight away my brain synthesis,..>>>>> conveying the message, saying that; "aahhh, this person is being hypocritical...when only he or she said "oh it's not a big deal" but actually it is a big DEAL. And probably he or she wanted something from me..."
huh....how I hate that.....!

I don't like "makcik kantin" doing sort of faces.
Showing that she's not in the mood...always moody...
And as for me, whenever I see the faces, right away l would lost my appetite...
just because of the "makcik kantin" making some kind of weird looks....

hav a g'day...^^

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