July 22, 2011

Admiring is not a tiring thing to do~

I have been neglecting this blog for a few days.....
I feel like almost a month....ah I don't care....!
now is not the time to talk about my outing with friends, or even the recently English Carnival...

I have been admiring this person quite for long time....in facts till now....
I just don't know how to explain....but its true...

I write this for you....~
I'm not blaming you for being so straightforward, but sometimes your words hurt me the most.
you are what you are, nothing can change that...
I wish you could see the way I feel about you..
I don't intended it to be this way.
I say this straight from the bottom of my heart, I like the way you are.

"sebagai seorang manusia, aku sayang padamu"


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