January 2, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Okay my only intention of keeping this blog updated today is just wanna share with you guys about my new year resolutions. Of course I don't care much about it, but still I don't need to waste this valuable time by doing nothing at all. Well its kinda like spending my last day at home before I entirely merge into ipg life again. Anyway just wanna give you the little taste of my resolutions.

> I wanna loss some weight.
> I wanna have a good night sleep and keep my sleep cycle fix.
> Talking at the correct time.
> And this one thing that I should take care of, that is, balancing my eating habits. Eat more fruits and vegetables...ah sounds easy right? but seyesly Its hard to stay fit...we'll see if there any physical changes or not.
> I wanna be good in group presentation and will not dominate it.
> Will try my best to keep my journal updated.
> also trying to be more economical. Beli apa yang perlu saje.
> Good listener maybe? no?
> Wanna get my driving license asap.
> Giat ke surau..yeah...sure do.
> anymore??...hurm lets just keep the rest with me. okay...!

So, basically that's all I wanna do for this year. Oh ye, I'm gonna be 20 soon. hurm...
How fast the time goes...

"Live your life" 



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