January 5, 2012

Info time: Impacts of ICT on Education

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    Students can easily get information as Internet provides many types of electronic devices and websites that store information. Almost every home has Internet access and people are no longer waste their time going to libraries to do research. Libraries and books are no longer used as information obtained easily on the Internet with a single click of a mouse.
  The accessibility of information on the Internet may be cost-effective as students and teachers might not have to spend more money on buying reference books. In addition, in comparison to educational school programs that require fees, Internet provides more information and online programs that are free and affordable for everyone. Learners may find it easy and inexpensive thus improve knowledge.

  The learning process can take place anywhere as teachers and students these days know how to use a computer and have their own each at home. The advance computer programs give teachers the ability to teach in a distance and at any point of time. Besides that, transferring information can be done directly from teachers to students via email. It allows learners to work anywhere in a conducive manner at their own pace and thus increase student’s performances.

   Students that have been exposed to the use of computers and technologies may perform well than those are not. Internet provides various online educational programs and quizzes that may help in revising their studies. The use of email, chat and mobile phones enables students to communicate with teachers for the same purpose. Consequently provide space for them to learn in effective way and possibly will contribute to highly educated students in a long run.

  Teachers may find that ICT does help them in school as it enables them to create an effective learning environment. For instance, the use of LCD in most schools is an interactive access to information as teachers use it to teach lessons using visuals and sounds. Accordingly, makes the learning process interesting and increase the participation of students in class. Teaching and learning will move from formal instruction to self-construction and discovery by the students themselves.

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