January 31, 2012

A Joke for today

Hello there....
Got a joke for ya to read! 
Read up guys...its just a stupid joke anyway...enjoy..!


"What time does the library open?" the man on the phone asked. 

"Nine A.M." came the reply. "And what's the idea of calling me at home in the middle of the night to ask a question like that?"

"Not until nine A.M.?" the man asked in a disappointed voice.

"No, not till nine A.M.!" the librarian said. "Why do you want to get in before nine A.M.?"

"Who said I wanted to get in?" the man sighed sadly. "I want to get out." 

^^                                                                                                        Source!


nadzirah sofia said...

dah prnh baca sblm ni..haha

Jay Joseph ^^ said...

haha...yeke...lwak gak la..^^
rupenye laki tu ade kt dlm library tu..hahaha

Terbaru dari caramel land...^^

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