January 14, 2012

Salah PAham?? Why?

Asssalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone!

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In today's post I would like to share with you about miscommunication.

"What the heck are you talking about?" 
"I don't get it...pfft"
" I don't get what you mean.." 
"Sorry, can you repeat it?" 
"I bag your pardon?..." 
"I don't understand what you are saying..!" 
"Hell what?" 
"For heaven sake, can you speak louder? I just can't hear you!" 

Sounds familiar? no? Actually, these are some examples, that we often used when something is not right in our conversation with our partners. But sometimes, people just walk away and nod to us even though they can't understand every words we said. 
While I was reading a magazine, and I came across the word communication. And while I was scanning through it, and I said to myself, "hey why don't I look up for something on the net about miscommunication?". I still remember that we talked about this in class last year.

When we talk to people such as our friends, teachers, parents and or even sales girls, we are actually involved in interpersonal communication. Why we need to communicate? Basically we communicate to exchange messages, express our feelings, to give and get order, and to ask  and etc. If the people we communicating with understand what we are saying, then we can be said to have a successful communication. 

However, we also experienced our listeners or audience fail to understand what are we trying to say, and end up getting confused, angry and upset. This can be said as miscommunication. There are many communication styles, but I don't want to talk about it today.So we can just proceed to the causes of miscommunication. 

Okay, in our daily communication, language has always been seen as a channel between people but language also can become a great barrier when two or more people who are talking fail to understand each other. Do keep this in mind that misunderstandings can occur at any time between two or more people who are communicating.

You know what, miscommunication can caused someone to be a at a wrong places, or late for a meeting, or get a wrong info or whatever. In most terrible cases, it concerns about life and death, you know, not informing someone effectively that the breaks of a car are not functioning could end with a tragedy. of course we don't want this to happen. Do we?

There are many reasons this to happen. For example, in English language, there are many words that have double meaning. I think its the same as any other language right? In linguistic we learn about homophones. Basically, homophones is the study of words that are pronounced the same but differ in meaning. In other hands,the words may spelled the same, but carry different meaning we call it homograph. Let me give you some examples to look at. 

>SAW : gergaji (noun)
>SAW : past tense for 'see'
>BARK : sound made by dog.
>BARK: the outer layer of a tree
>ROSE : a flower. (noun)
>ROSE : past tense for 'rise'
>TOO : adverb
>TWO : a number

and how about this one >>>>> "Ice cream" and "I scream" ? hehehe....^^
                                                     "Example"   and  "Egg sample"? hehe

In the above words may have the same pronunciation, spelling,but different meaning. There are many more, list them all if you can...
Miscommunication can occur when listeners assume they understand what the speaker means when in actual fact they probably intended a different meaning. 

Besides, the problem also caused by different culture and language used. This happens mostly to the second speaker of English like me myself. My mother tongue is Bahasa Melayu.  If the language is translated and used in English, it may cause confusion to native speaker although most of the words can be understood. The direct translation can really caused misunderstanding and sounds illogical. For example, try to translate this phrase direct from bahasa to English., "jatuh air muka", if translated to English is "fall of water face". Doesn't it sounds weird? hehe
Similarly to English language itself. We can't simply do direct translation as it can cause miscommunication. (Me myself will try to avoid doing that)

We live together in Malaysia with different races and culture. And not to forget, even though we can understand Bahasa Malaysia very well, we also encounter difficulties in understanding with the Malay language that spoken by the Kelantanese and Kedahan of their own slang and accent. Accent and slang also one of the factors that can cause miscommunication between speakers. Similarly if we learn new language, we might experience some misunderstanding due to the accent and slang.

Oh yeah, noises from our surrounding also caused this to happen. Have you ever face the situation where you can't hear the words that bursted from your friends mouth? And you just keep on asking him to repeat the same words again and again, and finally the both of you get fed up...hehe...YEah... sometimes our conversation is interrupted by the noise from the road, loud music, the sounds of all kind of machines and what not. Basically, noises one of the factors, alright...!

So that's it. By realizing all this causes of miscommunication actually can help us to improve our communication skills. 


Thank you for reading....
Have a nice day! ^^


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