January 28, 2012

After one week hols

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello again...

After 9 days of resting at home, its time to go back to ipg,...I'm feeling rather happy for at last I had a great time at home with mum and my niece...hehe.....But then, now its time to say goodbye as I need to go back and do my duties,...hehe...Actually there are few works to do and seriously I need to refer to my books so much. Sitting at home, there's nothing much I could do these few days, plus with my laptop had broken down. Now I have my new one, so it eases me to do the job....(enough said)

Oh yeah, no wonder I feel so bored, I already finished my reading on 'I miss Mummy' by Cathy Glass. I remember I said about it last time, but didn't have the chance to write anything about it yet.

Okay here it goes, basically the novel is based on the true story about a young girl named Alice that has been separated from her family by the social services, and she has been sent to live with Cathy (the writer) for almost ten month before she got to live with her father whom she hasn't knew before. She lived with her mother before and after her mother got ill she was sent to live with her grands, there she got the love and attention from them. Although she was 4 at that time, she was able to understand the whole situation took place.

For Cathy, she look at Alice's case at a different perspectives, she thought that Alice's mother and grandparents parented her very well. Alice doesn't look like any other foster child Cathy had look after before. She looked well cared and everything seems okay. It was only started  when the neighbor heard Leah (Alice's mother) screamed and thought that she screamed at her daughter, hence they called the police and there where all began. As you go along the story, like I did, I never agreed that  Alice will be given to her father and her stepmother as they didn't even met and all Alice knew was she had her mummy and dada and nana. Chriss (her father) never showed up after Leah got pregnant. And because of him, Leah got stucked with drugs.

All in all, drugs indeed cause many negative impacts. Alice was the one who suffers from all these, she lost her mummy, dada and nana. It was quite sad to hear and see a little girl going through many bad things during the childhood time. Despite all that, Alice indeed a strong girl and she managed to get through her rough time with the help of her foster carer, Cathy. The story was told by the writer herself and by her point of view. It is really interesting story and made me realize how important family institution to us in the early stage of life.

Did Alice manage to live together again with her mummy and grandparents? and Did she gets the second chance to sit and watch football with her grandpa?
"I Miss Mummy" got all the answers....

I think that's a little taste of it. I'm still looking forward to get another Cathy Glass piece of work.

THat's there is..



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